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V-Groove Casters Guide: Heavy Duty V-Groove Casters

Are you a part of one of the many businesses that can benefit from heavy-duty V-groove casters? If you work in a manufacturing or industrial business, you may be in need of V-groove casters. These one-of-a-kind casters allow for precision material handling and manufacturing, withstanding high temperatures and handling large load capacities.

All V-groove casters are not created equal, and if you have heavy loads, heavy-duty V-groove casters provide a wide range of benefits, and they can help your business ensure a smooth and accurate production process.

What Are V-Groove Casters Heavy Duty?

These unique casters, also known as wheels, are designed with an inverted angle within the wheel, which is known as the “V” relief groove. They are used for moving a load, often heavy, over a track.

They are specifically manufactured to fit closely to the track, allowing for an even distribution of the load weight. The elevated design of the groove and the track allow V-groove wheels to avoid floor debris for smooth rolling performance during production and manufacturing, every time

Proper fitting of the groove wheels to the track helps with long-term care and maintenance. Without a proper fit, you may experience problems with movement, precision, and performance. The right V-groove caster will have minimal friction and a smooth ride, even at maximum capacity. When there are two tracks, the spacing between the set of front and back wheels needs to be exact to avoid issues.

Heavy-duty V-groove casters are designed to hold and evenly distribute large, heavy load capacities, and V-groove casters also come in light or medium-duty load capacities. Heavy-duty V-groove casters are used in manufacturing applications, whereas light-duty V-groove casters may be used with specialty sliding doors in homes or businesses.

While V-groove casters are specially designed for tracks to distribute a load on, they can also be rolled on hard flooring.

Where do I buy V-Groove Casters?

V-groove casters can be found through your material handling equipment supplier, and it is best if you purchase from a specialty supplier. Garland’s, Inc. specializes in casters, and we can help you with all of your V-groove casters needs. From design and fitting to ongoing support, we are here to help you get the right fit for your application.

Types of V-Groove Casters

Popular types of V-groove casters include iron V-groove casters (also known as iron V-groove wheels) and steel V-groove casters (also called steel V-groove wheels). Each V-groove caster is designed to hold several hundreds of pounds up to several thousands of pounds, depending on the style. Popular sizes include 4”, 6” and 8”.

Garland’s is proud to offer heavy-duty Cast Iron V-Groove Casters in a wide range of sizes and bearings, meeting business’ needs for many different applications and allowing for long-lasting performance and use. Garland’s Cast Iron V-Groove Casters are the perfect solution to help your facility with precision manufacturing at heavy loads.

Based on your track layout, floor conditions, area, distance, and load, we can help you find the right Cast Iron V-Groove Wheels for your application(s). Our wide range of these heavy-duty V-groove casters includes:

Large volume discounts are available. One of our team members would love to help you select the right size, bearing, and wheel to create a long-lasting solution for your company.

Best Applications for V-Groove Casters Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty V-groove casters are helpful for controlling your heavy loads and allowing for precision movement – typically during the manufacturing process. They are useful in any production line or manufacturing application that needs even distribution of the weight over a track. They can guide a load of almost any capacity, allowing thousands of pounds per wheel.

In addition to bearing extremely large loads, V-groove heavy-duty casters allow for precision alignment and manufacturing by avoiding floor debris and achieving near-perfect movement.

Since they can withstand high temperatures, popular applications include environments where ovens are used, such as soldering or welding. They can also be used to transport heavy materials over a long distance or to simply take a load from machine to machine. You’ll often see them used on hoist trolleys, conveyer trucks, and other guided industrial applications.

Contact Garland’s for V-Groove Casters that Last

Garland’s Inc. is here to help you custom order your heavy-duty V-groove casters, perfectly fit for your track and your needs. We can help you find a wheel that is properly sized for your track and lasts a lifetime.

Call 1-800-809-7888 or send us a message to talk to one of our team members about your heavy-duty V-groove caster needs today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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