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85 Shore A (AN)

The CG-MAX Wheel was designed with an 85 Shore A (+/-5) wheel durometer which is formulated to outperform, outlast, and take customer efficiency to the MAX. With best-in-class ergonomics and durability, The CG-Max wheel wheel will drive new value into your operations.

Wheel Features:
– The most advanced polyurethane wheel. This wheel is ANSI ICWM-2018 tested to outlast and outperform the competition
– Best-in-class ergonomics increase user safety and reduce fatigue
– Patent pending self-retaining top hats reduce environmental and assembly waste

This wheel will improve your operational efficiency. It is designed to improve material flow and reduce unwanted maintenance and replacement costs with a wheel that lasts more than 2x* longer than leading competitors.

It is designed for ergonomic efficiency. This wheel will help you work safer by reducing the force required to initiate rolling equipment by over 26%.

It will help you increase environmental and Assembly Efficiency. Engineered to reduce waste and assembly time with CG-MAX’s patent-pending self-retaining top hats that do not require zip ties during transit.

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