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Sockets for casters with grip neck or grip ring stems come in a variety of different sizes allowing you to match your caster with the inside diameter of your tubing or piping. We offer sockets for square tubing and round tubing in incremental sizes giving you the flexibility and variety you need.

Typical stem sizes accommodated by a socket are 5/16″, 3/8″ and 7/16″ caster stems. Typically, a 5/16″ stem is referred to as a wood stem and will be used with a wood stem socket. A grip neck stem will typically come with a 3/8″ stem and a grip ring stem usually refers to a 7/16″ diameter stem.

Stem sizes are imperative when matching up a replacement caster on your application and 1/16″ makes a big difference. Please contact us today for assistance with your stem caster and socket needs 1-800-809-7888

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