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Floor Locks

Floor locks are designed for holding a load in place on a level surface. Floor locks are not designed to raise the load in any way. Its specific purpose is to apply pressure to the floor via the rubber pad on bottom of the floor lock. Our floor locks are spring loaded to allow the pad to travel just beyond the height of the caster when the pedal is engaged.

Typical mounting arrangements for floor locks are between the swivel casters at one end of the unit, but they can be mounted at either end of your equipment depending on your design. Floor locks are designed for use on level surfaces and are not recommended to use on inclined surfaces.

When selecting a floor lock, it is important to select a floor lock that that clears the floor when retracted. To adapt a floor lock brake to your equipment, we recommend that you choose a model with an extended height that is 1/16″ to 1/4″ greater than the overall height of the casters you are using.

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