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Shopping Cart Casters

All shopping carts use casters and we are all aware of these casters specifically when they are not working properly while pushing the cart through the store. We all know how frustrating it is when the wheel does not spin well or when the caster does not swivel properly. That is why replacement shopping cart casters and wheels are the best!

Shopping cart casters are easily replaced making this problem easy for you to solve. Shopping cart casters have threaded stems making them easier to install and uninstall and the wheels are easily replaced by simply removing the axle and then reinstalling the axle and locking the nut into place. Our shopping cart casters are durable and able to withstand the indoor and outdoor elements while in use. The wheels are chemical resistant and the treads provide excellent rollability.

Our shopping cart casters and wheels are available with bulk quantity discounts if you need them for an OEM application. Call us today for assistance with your shopping cart caster and wheel needs! 1-800-809-7888.

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