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Thermo-Pro Rubber

Kingpinless Non-Marking Thermoplastic Rubber casters have a soft tread wheel that is manufactured out of a chemically bonded rubber on a polyolefin core. Thermo-Pro wheels provide a quiet and smooth roll because of their shock absorbing and cushioned ride features. The quiet rolling, impact resistant, and floor protective wheel material absorbs shock to help protect your equipment and product. Thermo-Pro Rubber offers resistance to chemicals, water and steam in challenging environments. Thermo-Pro wheels also reject floor debris such as metal shavings and pebbles allowing for an extended service life.

Wheel Features:
– Non-marking
– Smooth and Quiet Roll
– Resistant to cleaning chemicals, acids, alcohol, water
– Donut and Flat treads available.
– Durometer: 75 Shore A (+/-5)
– Temperature Range: -20F to +180F

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