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Medium Duty Kingpinless Stainless Steel

Medium duty kingpinless stainless steel casters are superior in abusive environments that require food grade or medical grade equipment that can hold up in heavy washdown environments. The kinpinless raceway design greatly reduces wear on the raceway and eliminates the loosening forces of stress in the swivel section allowing for a smoother turning and stronger swiveling section. Kingpinless raceways are built to last longer with less maintenance required and hold up better in high impact environments. These casters are typically used in environments where heavy wash downs  or the use of corrosive chemicals are necessary. A polished stainless steel is used which holds it appearance even in the harshest environments. These casters come in swivel, rigid, and swivel with brake casters which are engineered for applications including heavy duty food manufacturing and other sanitary industrial applications. Load capacities range from 350 to 1,800 lbs per caster.

Caster Features:

-Sealed kingpinless raceways offer smooth swiveling, increased durability, low maintenance and increased product life.

-All metal parts are 100% 304 Stainless Steel
-Double ball raceways offer smooth swiveling under heavy loads
-Features a wide range of wash down friendly, high temperature and autoclavable wheels.
-NSF Approved


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