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Light Medium Duty Stainless Steel

Light medium duty stainless steel casters are ideal for foodservice, medical, laboratory and any other heavy washdown and corrosive application. These casters have double ball raceways allowing for easy rolling and smooth turning. These casters are popularly used in environments where heavy wash downs are necessary and the polished stainless steel will hold its appearance in these harsh environments. These casters are designed to comply with health regulations and standards in mind such as FDA, USDA and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Many wheel type options are available for different applications.  These casters come in a variety of sizes with different brake options as well.  Load capacities range from 175 to 350 lbs. per caster.

Caster Features:

-All metal parts are 100% 304 Stainless Steel.
-Double ball raceways offer improved swiveling.
-Fork and leg assembly designed and formed for maximum durability.
-NSF Approved

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