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Casters play an enormously large ergonomic role in automotive manufacturing and ergonomically sensitive environments where manually pushed and pulled carts are used. Selecting the right caster solution for your manual push/pull application is imperative to helping reduce the risk of employee injuries. These injuries cause your company downtime and increased workers’ compensation claim costs.

Our ergonomic casters are not only great in automotive manufacturing environments. They are also a fantastic fit in many industrial manufacturing facilities where heavy equipment is being manufactured and assembled.

Our ergonomic casters are able to reduce the push/pull force required to get your carts moving and allow them to keep rolling with less force being applied once in motion. The force required to keep a cart rolling is important but often times the most challenging task is starting the cart from a stopped position since the swivel casters can require a 90 degree turn to start rolling the cart in the desired direction. The kingpinless raceway of the caster combined with the crowned tread on the wheel make this 90 degree pivot much easier by drastically reducing the push/pull force required to get the cart in motion.


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