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Data Center Casters are low profile business machine casters which have a low overall height to help prevent equipment from tipping over while in use.  They have a high load capacity which will ensure these casters can support the weight of the servers racks and equipment you are mounting them to.

We offer business machine casters in a variety of sizes ranging from just under 2” up to 3”. Common wheel materials for these low profile casters are phenolic, polyolefin, glass filled nylon and urethane wheel materials. Selecting the proper wheel material will be based upon your application and the type of flooring your data server racks will be rolling on.

Most of our low profile business machine casters come with a zinc plated rig but they are also available in a black oxide finish upon request. Brakes are available on the swivel casters as well if those are desired. Most of our dynamic load capacities range from 120lbs to 1200lbs per caster and various raceway styles are available to best fit your needs.

Our data center casters are tested to ANSI:ICWM standards and are RoHS Compliant.

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