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Metric Casters

“Metric applications are bigger than you think.” Recently during a conversation in our office, this comment was made between a couple of our sales reps. It is a statement which is absolutely correct. Metric caster applications are bigger than you think and by bigger I mean bigger in presence rather than size. although metric casters are manufactured in sizes that are just as large as the heavy duty American standard caster applications we are used to here in the USA.
When working with metric caster applications the challenge can be exactly that… they are metric. Metric measurements come close to American standard measurements but are not exact. If you are measuring these they will always be off just slightly which causes for much confusion when trying to size up your measurements for a replacement. The big issues really come when you are trying to convert the mounting style of your caster since these are measurements that need to be exact. Switching these areas of your application will usually require that you re-drill the mounting holes for your unit or reconfigure the mounting style all together. We recommend calling an expert(one of our experienced sales reps) for their expertise and assistance.
The area where there may be room for compromise is on the wheel size of the caster. Unless you need your casters overall height to be exactly the same, using a metric sized wheel vs. an American standard sized wheel should not create any issues for you. To help with your conversions, a common list of American standard caster sizes are converted into their metric equivalents below.
conversion chart

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