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Data Center Casters and Business Machine Casters

Data Center Caster Solutions

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, the need for data storage is growing at a rapid rate, which has caused an increase in demand for data server racks. Garland’s Inc.’s Bryce Anderson discusses casters and caster solutions for business machines and data centers. 

What is a data center?

A data center facility, also called a data storage center, data center, data storage facility, or data storage vault, is a building that houses mission-critical systems, including computing and communications hardware. Many of these data server racks are stationary, but many of these racks are mobile, too. That is where our Data Center Casters Solutions come into play. 

The Right Caster Protects Expensive Computer Equipment

When mounting casters onto a server rack that is housing incredibly expensive and valuable computer servers, it is imperative that you select a caster that you know is going to protect your equipment. Our low-profile business machine casters have a low overall height which will help prevent your cart from tipping over. Plus, they have a high load capacity which will ensure that these casters can support the weight of the servers on the rack and will not buckle while in use. 

Business Machine & Data Center Casters at Garland’s

We offer business machine casters in a variety of sizes ranging from just under two inches up to three inches. Common wheel materials for these low-profile casters are phenolic, polyolefin, glass-filled nylon, and urethane wheel materials. Selecting the proper wheel material will be based upon your application and the type of flooring that your data server racks will be rolling on. 

Most of our low-profile business machine casters come with a zinc plated rig, but they are also available in a black oxide finish upon request. Brakes are available on the swivel casters, as well, if those are desired. Most of our dynamic load capacities range from 120lbs to 1200lbs per caster, and various raceway styles are available to best fit your needs. 

Vigorous Testing to Provide the Highest Quality Product

Our data center casters are tested to ANSI:ICWM standards and are RoHS Compliant. The global test labs used by our manufacturers ensure that these casters meet and exceed our customer requirements, and a global engineering team is available to support your needs and ensure the right caster is specified and designed for your needs. 

Get Assistance with Your Data Center and Business Machine Caster Needs

For assistance with your Data Center and Business Machine caster needs, give us a call at 1-800-809-7888, email, or send us a message through our website now! One of our product specialists is standing by to assist you with your needs.

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