Directional and Total Lock Caster Advice

Using a directional lock or total lock on your casters drastically improves performance on many applications. The directional lock gives you the ability to swivel any of your casters and then lock them into a fixed rigid position when needed increasing the ease of steering on your mobile unit. The total lock brake gives you the capability to securely lock your …

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Medical Casters

Medical Casters come in a technical variety that keep healthcare operations moving during their busy and fast paced days & nights. Medical casters need to adhere to the strict requirements of being clean, quiet, smooth rolling and easy to push/pull. Not only are medical casters designed for very technical applications but they also are designed …

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Metric Casters

“Metric applications are bigger than you think.” Recently during a conversation in our office, this comment was made between a couple of our sales reps. It is a statement which is absolutely correct. Metric caster applications are bigger than you think and by bigger I mean bigger in presence rather than size. although metric casters …

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