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Data Center Casters and Business Machine Casters

By Joshua Kimmes / December 14, 2020

Data Center Caster Solutions In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, the need for data storage is growing at a rapid rate, which has caused an increase in demand for data server racks. Garland’s Inc.’s Bryce Anderson discusses casters and caster solutions for business machines and data centers.  What is a data center? A data center […]

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Spring Loaded Casters 101

By Joshua Kimmes / November 13, 2020

Many of our customers often ask if spring loaded casters are the right fit for their application. We put together this quick guide to help! Bryce Anderson of Garland’s Inc. Material Handling Products is here to help you understand more about the benefits and applications of these spring loaded casters. What are spring loaded casters? […]

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V-Groove Casters Guide: Heavy Duty V-Groove Casters

By Joshua Kimmes / November 3, 2020

Are you a part of one of the many businesses that can benefit from heavy-duty V-groove casters? If you work in a manufacturing or industrial business, you may be in need of V-groove casters. These one-of-a-kind casters allow for precision material handling and manufacturing, withstanding high temperatures and handling large load capacities. All V-groove casters […]

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Shepherd Regent Series Wheel Upgrade Coming to Garlands Inc!

By Joshua Kimmes / October 15, 2020

The Shepherd Regent Series wheel is receiving an upgrade! The new formulation will be starting to trickle in come late October! As you may recall, last year The Colson Group added six new injection molding machines to their highly automated Monette, AR plant to increase both efficiency and capacity. This investment opened up new opportunities […]

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Specialty Casters: Casters for Your Specific Application

By Joshua Kimmes / October 7, 2020

When your business needs a unique caster solution, specialty casters, also known as specialty wheels, may be the caster category that you need to look in to. Specialty casters or wheels, unlike regular casters or wheels, are made for a specific application, industry, or purpose. Garland’s Inc. specializes in specialty casters (YES, we see the […]

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What is a hand truck? Garlands Inc.

What is a Hand Truck?

By Joshua Kimmes / August 3, 2020

What Is a Hand Truck? What is a hand truck? A hand truck is a two-wheeled and upright piece of equipment that can also include additional wheels to convert to a flat, rolling carrier when necessary. It is used to carry up to a few hundred pounds, and there are many other names it goes […]

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The Benefits of Ergonomic Casters

By Joshua Kimmes / March 11, 2020

Are you interested in adding ergonomic casters to your business? Whether you’re in the foodservice industry, the cannabis industry, or another business industry, casters are a part of your everyday life and workflow. They may be overlooked as an integral part of your everyday operations, but they are vital to your productivity and business. Whether […]

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Food Service Casters: Solutions for Food Service

By Joshua Kimmes / January 30, 2020

The Best Food Service Casters Why Stainless Steel Casters Are Important for Food service Applications Food Service Casters are essential for any commercial kitchen. Stainless steel products are readily used in the foodservice industry. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find stainless steel being used in knives, cookware, kitchen equipment, casters, and beyond. Why are stainless steel […]

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Rivet Racking

By Joshua Kimmes / December 20, 2017

Rivet Racking Shelving units are multipurpose shelving structures that give you a customized mix & match approach to meet your unique application needs. Stretching from general product storage to record storage all the way to automotive tire racks, this storage solution could be the right fit for your shelving needs. Rivet rack shelving units are […]

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Custom Projects

By Joshua Kimmes / December 13, 2017

SKUs are offered on websites and in catalogs. They simplify the ordering process by making it easy and repeatable. This improves efficiency and reduces lead times for many customers. However, there is not a SKU for every product in every application. That is where custom comes into play. We do a lot of custom with […]

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