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The Benefits of Ergonomic Casters

Are you interested in adding ergonomic casters to your business? Whether you’re in the foodservice industry, the cannabis industry, or another business industry, casters are a part of your everyday life and workflow. They may be overlooked as an integral part of your everyday operations, but they are vital to your productivity and business. Whether …

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Stainless Steel Casters for Foodservice Applications

Why Stainless Steel Casters Are Important for Foodservice Applications Stainless steel products are readily used in the foodservice industry. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find stainless steel being used in knives, cookware, kitchen equipment, casters, and beyond. Why are stainless steel casters important for foodservice applications? Whether you’re running a catering company, restaurant, cafeteria or something …

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Hanging, stacking, shelf style, totes, stackable containers…etc. These are all styles of bins which are designed for efficient storage. It can be difficult to differentiate and decide what type of bin storage solution to go with when working on a project to clean up your work area. To help narrow down the selection a bit …

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Directional and Total Lock Caster Advice

Using a directional lock or total lock on your casters drastically improves performance on many applications. The directional lock gives you the ability to swivel any of your casters and then lock them into a fixed rigid position when needed increasing the ease of steering on your mobile unit. The total lock brake gives you the capability to securely lock your …

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