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Rivet Racking

By garlandsincblog | December 20, 2017

Rivet Racking Shelving units are multipurpose shelving structures that give you a customized mix & match approach to meet your unique application needs. Stretching from general product storage to record storage all the way to automotive tire racks, this storage solution could be the right fit for your shelving needs. Rivet rack shelving units are […]

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Custom Projects

By garlandsincblog | December 13, 2017

SKUs are offered on websites and in catalogs. They simplify the ordering process by making it easy and repeatable. This improves efficiency and reduces lead times for many customers. However, there is not a SKU for every product in every application. That is where custom comes into play. We do a lot of custom with […]

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Work Lights

By garlandsincblog | November 28, 2017

PSL10700W – Powersmith 10-Watt (700 Lumens) LED Spotlight is fully waterproof. More energy efficient than halogen, LED bulb stays cool and never needs replacing. High, low and emergency modes. Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, with both wall charger and car charger included. Waterproof spotlight is submersible up to 12 ft., and floats if dropped in water 2 brightness […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

By garlandsincblog | November 22, 2017

  Happy Thanksgiving! From all of us here at Garland’s Inc. we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for this year and we hope you are sharing this special holiday with those closest to you in your lives. Take time to reflect, relax and unwind because […]

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Platform Trucks

By garlandsincblog | November 16, 2017

Platform trucks offer great versatility for moving many types of products in many different environments. From deliveries to storage and moving products anywhere in between these flatbeds provide an ergonomic solution suitable for many different applications. They are manufactured in all shapes and sizes so the choice of design is up to the user and […]

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By garlandsincblog | November 9, 2017

Hanging, stacking, shelf style, totes, stackable containers…etc. These are all styles of bins which are designed for efficient storage. It can be difficult to differentiate and decide what type of bin storage solution to go with when working on a project to clean up your work area. To help narrow down the selection a bit […]

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Furniture Casters

By garlandsincblog | November 2, 2017

Twin wheel casters are a staple in the caster industry. With their strong presence on office chairs and classroom equipment these can easily come to mind when the word “caster” is mentioned. Twin wheel casters are often referred to as office chair casters or furniture casters and can be used interchangeably between any of these […]

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Directional and Total Lock Caster Advice

By garlandsincblog | October 25, 2017

Using a directional lock or total lock on your casters drastically improves performance on many applications. The directional lock gives you the ability to swivel any of your casters and then lock them into a fixed rigid position when needed increasing the ease of steering on your mobile unit. The total lock brake gives you the capability to securely lock your […]

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Dock Boards, Dock Plates, and Curb Ramps

By garlandsincblog | October 17, 2017

Dock boards are used as ramps to unload items from trucks to loading docks or vice versa. Dock boards are manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and typically have a safety tread plate surface providing better traction while rolling over the ramp. The high traction aluminum deck is rugged and designed to stand up to heavy traffic. […]

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Honeyman Hand Trucks

By garlandsincblog | October 9, 2017

  Honeyman Aluminum products is a manufacturer of aluminum carts, hand trucks, parts and other custom items. Specific to this post the Honeyman hand truck is a tubular aluminum hand truck uniquely suited to the wholesale beverage distribution industry. This hand truck features a wheel base that is both short and narrow. This creates a […]

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